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Ally McCoist named Scotland captain by Jamie Murray ahead of Battle of the Brits match with England

Jamie Murray has recruited football legend Ally McCoist to be the captain of the Scottish team in the ‘Battle of the Brits’ match against England taking place before Christmas. The

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Discovery of a potential new therapy for inflammatory arthritis

In a paper published today in the journal Science Translational Medicine, researchers at the Schroeder Arthritis Institute, part of University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, have made a discovery that

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UK firms will have to disclose climate impact

Some large UK businesses will have to start disclosing their environmental impact, under new rules set to be brought in by the Treasury. The requirements will also apply to investment

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Netgear announces a $1,500 Wi-Fi 6E mesh router

Just when you were starting to think about upgrading to a Wi-Fi 6 router, Wi-Fi 6E is here. And it’s expensive. Netgear announced its newest entry into the 6E foray

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Kenya child killer escapes prison, gets beaten to death by mob

Police in Kenya say a man who had confessed to killing a dozen children and escaped from detention this week has been killed by a mob. Area Assistant County Commissioner

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